White Ceramic Sublimation Coffee Mug - 15oz. - 36/Case

White Ceramic Sublimation Coffee Mug - 15oz. - 36/Case

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Create high-quality custom mugs with our 15 oz. white ceramic mugs for sublimation. These mugs feature a glossy surface for printing brilliant, vivid images and designs in full color. Our coffee mugs are made with study walls for safe and durable use. They're the perfect addition to every kitchen and desk, and they are great for individual customers, businesses and as promotional giveaways.


  • Create a personalized mug with dye-sublimation and select transfer papers
  • 15oz. coffee mug for sublimation
  • White ceramic, poly-coated for sublimation
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Lead-free
  • For use with a mug press or a sublimation mug wrap
  • Printable area 8"w x 4.25"h (make 4.60"h for additional bleed allowance)



Mug Master Pro mug press

Idle Temperature: 380 F°
Press Temperature:385 F°
Time: 200-220 seconds
Pressure: Firm

GeoKnight DK3

Press temperature: 400 F°
Time: 3- 4 minutes
Pressure: Medium/Firm

4-1 Mug PressPress

temperature: 340 F°
Time: 240 Seconds
Pressure: Medium/Firm

Sublimation Wrap

Press Temperature: 400 F°
Time: 12-15 minutes
(test in your oven for accurate time)

Mug Master Pro Heat Press Instructions:

Tape the sublimation paper with image printed in reverse to the mug with thermal tape.
When the heat press reaches the idle temperature of 380 F°, you will hear a beeping sound indicating that the machine is ready. Place the coffee mug in the element and close it by pulling the handle towards you.
Press the green, round button to begin the pressing cycle.Temperatures may drop which is normal. Once the temperature reaches 385 F° the timer will begin counting down.
Once the timer reaches 0, take out the mug from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately. Allow the mug to cool completely before use.

Pressing with the GeoKnight DK3 mug press:

Attach sublimation transfer paper with image printed in reverse to the coffee mug with thermal tape.
Place water bottle in heat press at the pressing temperature of 400F, and close the element around the mug.
Press for about 3-4 minutes using medium to firm pressure. If the image begins to look blurry, or burnt brown by over-pressing, decrease pressing time by 15-30 seconds.
Once done, remove the mug from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately. You may allow to cool in front of a fan to prevent the image from bleeding.

Sublimation Wrap Instructions:

Attach reversed printed image to mug with thermal tape
Wrap silicone wrap around mug surface and clasp at handle
Place in oven preheated to 400F for approximately 12-15 minutes (test to determine best timing!)
Afterwards, remove wrap and transfer immediately, and submerge in room temperature water to cool quickly.



Print Applications Dye-Sublimation, Heat Transfer
Substrate Material Ceramic

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Darien Winsor
Got sublimination mugs. Were exactly what we wanted.


Diane Hullett
The best by far

I have ordered mugs from other major suppliers and while all have been great mugs these were by far my favorite.
They sublimate perfect and the handle gives you lots of room and doesn't squish your fingers. I buy the 15oz.