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Introducing the ALL-NEW SWF/MAS-12

This machine while sleek and compact in size comes packed full of new features that completely set it apart from every other embroidery machine in its class.


Revolutionary Smart Embroidery System (SES)
Instantly convert photos directly into embroidery-ready design data without further editing. Allows beginners to create brilliant designs easily.

10.4" High Resolution Touchscreen LCD Panel
SWF's new user-friendly panel is the largest and most advanced panel ever seen on an embroidery machine.

Free-Hand Stitch Function
This new feature allows you to draw, convert and stitch hand drawn designs right on the screen.

Patented Quick Change Cap System
Tool-less and simple transition from caps to hoops and vice versa giving you more time to produce embroidery.

Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty
Rest easy knowing your machine is backed by the best warranty in the industry!

Wifi Capability (Optional)
Transfer designs to your machine wirelessly.

Barcode Scanner (Optional)
Input designs to the machine with the simple scan of a barcode.

Upgraded Embroidery Stand (Included)


  • 12 Needles
  • 13" x 8" Embroidery Field
  • 10.4 inch Touchscreen panel
  • Needle Type DBxK5
  • Smart Embroidery System instantly convert photos into embroidery ready data without further editing.
  • Embroiders up to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • LED Lighting System
  • Free Hand Stitch Function allows you to draw, convert and stitch hand drawn designs right on the screen
  • Returns to start position
  • Float Stitch Function
  • Frame Backward
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Automatic upper & lower thread break sensing
  • Adjustable stitch speed
  • Edit function built in to combine designs in the same hoop
  • USB port built in
  • Uses L style bobbins...the most popular bobbin made
  • 40 million stitch memory and 400 design slots allow you to keep a lot of designs on your machine for convenience
  • Compatible is popular .dst format
  • Machine Dimensions: 32.29w x 34.25l x 30.13h
  • Includes SWF 7 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Included Accessories

  • Quick Change Cap Frame Set
    • cap frames (2PCS)
    • cap frame drivers (1PCS)
    • cap frame holder (1PCS)
  • Tubular Round Frame (2 hoops per size)
    • TRF 12 (4.25")
    • TRF 15 (5.4")
    • TRF 18 (6.6")
  • Tubular Square Frame (2 hoops per size)
    • TSF-24x24cm (9.4" x 9.4")
    • TSF-35x22cm (14" x 9")
  • Machine Embroidery Stand included
  • Tool/Parts Kit
  • Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sheila Burks

Beautiful Machine. Well Built. Runs like Beast but it’s unbelievably Quiet. I Just Love It.

Customer Service and Technical Support is Top Notch…But you have to contact them to help You when needed vs trying to figure it out because this baby is in a class of I

Katherine Wilhite
No instructions!

I know I’m going to love it, but I need instructions to get this together. The video is hard to understand because our internet doesn’t work to good. Please help. Christmas is getting closer

Sorry for the lack of instructions. I will make sure you get them in your email immediately.

Additionally, whenever you need help please contact us at 888-717-0041 during business hours or shoot us a message at https://printavasupply.com/pages/contact-us .
Finally, at the same link above there is a KNOWLEDGE BASE with additional tools.

Great machine

Oder the machine in a Wednesday got in a Monday fast shipping im bout to start making money now

Mary Sherman
Love it

I love the machine, I am having fun learning all about it. SWF is a good product , the machine I have at work is over 15 years old and still running

Dennis Whiteaker
Great machine

This is a great machine needs better information for putting it together but once together it’s great