HIX Wrap Package - Includes All 7 Sizes

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Includes 1 of each of the following:

  • Cat Bowl Wrap: 6" Diameter - 2.5" Tall 
  • Dog Bowl Wrap: 7.5" Diameter - 3" Tall 
  • 12 oz Latte Mug Wrap: 2.5" Base Diameter, 3.6" Top Diameter, 4" Height
  • 17 oz Latte Mug Wrap: 2.4" Base Diameter, 3.5" Top Diameter, 6" Height
  • Shot Glass Wrap: 1.4" Base Diameter, 1.93" Top Diameter, 2.3" Height 
  • Travel Mug Wrap: 2.8" Base Diameter, 8.375" Height
  • Mug Wrap (11-15 oz): 3 3/8" Diameter, 4 3/4" Tall 


    HIX Mug Wraps

    An ever-growing variety of containers, vessels, mugs, cups, bottles, and glasses are creating a sudden rise in sublimation equipment. As an inexpensive and more flexible alternative to a mug press, HIX developed the Mug Wrap.
    Our wraps provide a quick snap-on solution. Simply position and tape your artwork to virtually any type vessel. Then, wrap the vessel and artwork with the fitting HIX “Snap” Wrap. That’s it! You are ready to sublimate!!
    The advantage of the HIX “Snap” Wrap is its patented tool-less clasping technology. No other mug wrap on the market is as easy to apply or remove. There’s no fumbling with awkward closing mechanism or wrenches and no need for extra hands when you’re trying to juggle endless adjustments while closing a clamp with screwdrivers or other tools.