HIX 2414 SubliPro Oven

HIX SubliPro Oven - 2414

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HIX 2414 SubliPro Oven


  • A 24” wide by 14’ long sublimation oven system that can typically process 150-180 substrates/hour
  • Substrates come off the oven through our cooler, which allows for easy handling/packaging right off the production line
  • No messy water quenching

For high-volume sublimation, direct to garment, this is the oven for you! For a production of a hundred to several hundred mugs per hour, the HIX SubliPro Oven is the perfect choice. As the only one of its kind in the industry, this oven can sublimate on a variety of substrates: wide, tall, short, white, colored, or black, up to a height of 8.5”. This includes an ever growing variety of sizes and shapes such as cat and dog bowls, shot glasses, beer steins, latte mugs, glasses, drinking bottles, etc.

 With redesigned and repositioned heaters combined with an advanced airflow circulation, HIX was able to narrow the temperature variation within the oven chamber to within 10-15ºF, which is sufficient to satisfy even the most demanding and unforgiving substrates (such as black mugs and top-to-bottom sublimation). The even temperature profile, the larger door opening, the advanced cooling system at the exit end of the conveyer, and the stainless steel belt all represent a significant upgrade over our previous mug oven design.


  • Cures both Plastisol and Waterbased inks
  • Digital belt speed controls
  • Stainless Steel Belt
  • Digital Temperature controls
  • Single and multiple zone controls
  • Relay and heater lights
  • Heater and control overload protection
  • Multiple heaters (up to 12 units)
  • Recirculating airflow on units 10’ and longer
  • Recirculating air zones and airflow speed on units 10’ and longer
  • Insulation under top skin on all units
  • Wheel options on all units