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Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG printing, is a process of Textile printing on textiles and garments using inkjet technology. Aside from the transport mechanism for the garment, the key requirement of a DTG printer is the specialty ink that is applied directly to the substrate where it is absorbed by the fibers.
Like screen printing, it is a direct printing technique that does not require the intermediate step of printing the artwork first on a carrier (transfer) paper.

Direct-to-garment printing technique is mostly used for cotton and cotton-blend substrates. Their one-at-a-time setup process provides the flexibility of catering to smaller demands as well as to large fulfillment houses and mass-customization, a market previously beyond the reach of a more expensive and laborious screen print process.

Getting Started

Once you have selected your Direst-to-Garment printer, HIX offers a variety of curing solutions for all sizes, quantities and types of needs.

For smaller quantities, flathead presses and/or Verticure ovens are most adequate. For larger quantities and/or for substrates requiring enhanced curing needs (as a result of pre-treatment, large amount of inks or the needs of a softer textile feel), a conveyer-type oven is a more adequate choice. In this product line, especially the longer type 36” and 48” ovens in our Premier line are best equipped for these applications.

S-650 Clamshell Press

Get the coverage your designs need with the HIX S-650 auto-open clamshell heat press. This outstanding press opens automatically without the need of an air compressor. It’s the perfect press for high traffic, high volume, and increased productivity. Direct-To-Garment applications are also a large driving force in the success of the auto-open feature, allowing you the freedom of loading your printer while the previous print is curing, eliminating any risk of scorching or compromising transfer quality due to overheating.

Verticure Ovens

The HIX Verticure vertical electric cure oven is designed specifically for curing direct-to-garment solvent or water-based ink jet inks. HIX Verticure vertical electric cure ovens are available in 2 drawer and 4 drawer models. Individual drying chambers allow for maximum throughput. With HIX Verticure you can cure both light and dark garments.

Premier Series Ovens

The HIX Premier Series of dryers offers you the most advanced technology and construction available. From a small production shop to large scale drying operation, the HIX Premier Series offers many options. The Premier Series are multi-purpose dryers that can handle water-based textile inks as well as traditional plastisol and solvent-based evaporative inks. It’s perfect for your direct-to-garment operations and eliminates the need for more expensive gas conveyor dryers.

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