UNINET iColor Standard 2 Step

 Check out the iColor Standard 2 step Textile media.


This affordable option of media is great for iColor printers and most laser printers as well. This transfer media has a lot to offer when it comes to quality and size.   


What is the iColor Standard 2 step?


iColor standard 2 step is a type of transfer media that combines a transfer sheet with an adhesive sheet to get a great finished product. This type of transfer media will work well on a variety of garments, especially those with darker fabrics. It will work with white and fluorescent prints too. This is offered in sizes that range up to 12.5”X19.”

What would make this 2 step transfer paper your best option?

This transfer media sheet is made thicker and more rigid to avoid jamming. 
Saves time as it requires no weeding
Heat press #1 and heat press #2 are also done at the same temperature so no waiting
Been tested for up to 50 washes of durability
Transparent transfer sheet for better alignment
Clear coating makes it shine and helps protect the graphic
The white adhesive helps with durability and enhancing colors.


Some things to remember about this paper. 

Higher heat press temp than premium paper
Care must be taken when using synthetic material like nylon or polyester
Spandex or Lycra material is not recommended
Susceptible to weather humidity
Not as soft or bright as Premium Paper


You can check out More about the paper and sizes here. https://printavasupply.com/collections/icolor-standard-textile-media