Calling all eco-friendly crafters— if you love to reduce, reuse, and recycle, this DIY is for you! We all have that collection of old T-shirts that we don’t want to part ways with. In this blog, we discuss all the different ways you can repurpose them, it’s not as hard as it seams! Let’s get started.

1) Quilts

This DIY is sew fun, you will want to show all your friends! The more T-shirts you use, the larger the quilt will be—the choice is yours! Essentially, you will cut out the center of each shirt and sew the edges together. Easier said than done, right? Well, we have found a tutorial on The Spruce Craft’s Blog that will help guide you along the way! Here is an example of one finished product we found:


2) Crochet Rug

For this DIY, you will use t-shirt fabric as your “yarn.” Don’t worry, we have the steps on how to make your own here. To better explain the crocheting process, we found eight free patterns on Crochet Me’s Website. This is what your finished product could look like:


3) Shoe Laces

We’ve got a new life hack in store for you—who knew you could repurpose an old T-shirt for shoelaces? Knot bad! All you will need is T-shirt yarn (the perfect opportunity to use leftover scraps), 3/16” heat shrink, scissors, shoes, a heat gun or hair dryer, and stick pins. We found helpful instructions to demonstrate how to make these in Tidy Mom’s Blog. Yours could end up looking like these! ⬇️

4) Baskets

Let’s get down to the Knitty-gritty! Turn on your favorite movie and start weaving, this DIY is the perfect pastime. Follow these steps provided by Instructables Craft to create your very own!

5) Pillowcases

Need a new pillowcase? Avoid the hassle of running to the store, and make your own using your favorite old T-shirt! Make one today in five minutes by following the steps provided by The How To Home’s Blog.


These DIYs should keep you busy for a while, for there are sew many to choose from. That being said, we will have more coming soon, so be on the lookout!

Our next blog will bring out our true colors—that’s right, we are going to be discussing the foundations of color and how they apply to your apparel designs. You won’t want to miss this one!