If you are anything like us, you not only have one but multiple favorite sports teams! What if we could show you how to represent both of them simultaneously? It’s time to take another page from the DIY playbook. For this blog, we are creating a split T-shirt—one you can wear to the next big game!

Here’s what you will need:

Thanks to Volcom’s blog for providing us with the following helpful guides. Check out the rest of their blog here for more awesome tips.

Step 1

Let the games begin! Start by folding each tee in half (long ways) and lay them side by side. You will then cut down the center of both shirts. 

Step 2

Once you reach this step, you should have four pieces total: two fronts and two backs. Next, you will place the two front pieces together so they are facing graphic to graphic. Line up both collars and pin the sides together until you reach the bottom.

  • 💡Hot tip: Try to be as precise as possible when lining up the collars— this will help you get the result you’re looking for!

Step 3

Someone call the referee! It’s time to bring the two teams together. To do this, you will sew down the length with a small enough seam to still fit you. When you are done with the front, flip it over and repeat steps 2 and 3. (If you don’t have a sewing machine, head to our website to help you complete this DIY).

TOUCHDOWN! You just scored a new gameday tee, now all you need is a ticket! We’ve included some gameday tees down below for some more inspiration. ⬇️

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Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we share the chilling dos and don’ts of DIY ice bleaching.