Through last year, we know that there has been some confusion and movement within the white toner community.

"effective March 31, 2021, OKI Data Americas, Inc. will no longer distribute printer hardware under the OKI brand to the North, Central and South American markets" (Scott, 1 Sept 2020)

Now on the other side of the March 2021 date, we know that there is a partnership with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) and OKI Data that is continuing to prove great for our community. 

"Under this exclusive partnership between OKI and ISW, the new brand will be the only authorized OKI-based printers in the digital transfer and garment decoration markets that have been engineered, customized, and certified by OKI for distribution in the Americas, and ISW will serve as the exclusive distributor for this technology." (Scott, 6 May 2021)

And we have already seen with the addition of the Crio White Toner Printers powered by OKI and look forward to continued support with the newest supplies and consumables for the Crios and the OKIs as well.


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