As we have been attempting to get business and equipment information out to the community we have been limited with our expertise of how Facebook works. 

First of all, every interaction that you have with our Facebook posts or advertising gives us the opportunity to share our page with you, or in Facebook terms "Invite" you. 

Well, what we have learned is this "Invite" does not send an actionable email to you.  What is does do... is gives you a place to click Accept on your Facebook page.  This place is located HERE.  

Click the link above and see how many pages have sent you an INVITE to their page and while you are there look for ours. 

Secondly, while you are there you can prioritize your "Liked Pages" in the "Follow Settings" where you can select...Favorites, Default, Snooze, or Off. 

We hope this information was helpful and look forward to seeing increased community with you in the future. 


If there is anything else you would like to know more about please post it in the comments and we will get that information out to you!