Design.Print.Press for less!

Design, Print & Press for Less than $3,000!

No more having to screen print or contour cut with vinyl cutters/plotters to get white lettering or graphics.

The OKI C711 white toner printer uses a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and white toner to print a full spectrum of rich, high-definition colors up on an A4 sheet (8.5x11).

Grab it today and create all your gifts for the end of the year from booster club designs to Christmas presents. 

These designs can be created my yourself using the creative platforms that you are already using or download or purchase a graphic from an online gallery. 

This graphic can be sent to the printer for printing or you can import your graphic into the optional RIP software (RIP Software Here) prior to sending to the printer.

You are almost done.  At this point you will take the printed sheet to the marrying process

in order to create a transfer that is ready to be pressed with the Hotronix Craft Press to your garment or other substrate.

With the final press of your transfer to your substrate, you are moments away

from having a Do-it-yourself widget, hat, mug, coaster, gift completed and ready for enjoyment.


Check it out at Design Print Press

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